Yes, those Exit signs are illuminated!

We’re over the highest hurdle now. Getting power to the unit is a huge step and we’re extremely happy to have this one behind us. We’re starting the series of final inspections and racing towards our opening.

More light fixtures went up this week, plumbing is being wrapped up and we’ve begun preparations for the bar top installation.


7 Thoughts to “We Have Power!”

  1. Nick

    Super excited for this. Please put some hazy IPAs from Weldworks, Outer Range, New Image and Cerebral on tap. There are no taphouses in Parker who carry them. They only carry very ‘generic’ Colorado craft beers

    1. Reggie

      Thanks for your comment, Nick.
      We intend to rotate from all across Colorado. We’ll look at these Hazy IPAs for you and see if we can bring some in.

  2. James

    I know a Nick who would be requesting this! #RowleyDowns 😉

  3. Vicki Kitchens

    Super excited for you and this and all of us!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the official date of the opening!!!!

    1. Reggie

      Hi Vicki,
      We’re getting close. Working on the final details and expect to make an announcement very soon.

  4. Me

    Sad that you are in close proximity to a craft brewer start up!

    1. Reggie

      Hi Me,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. As a start-up ourselves, we have the utmost respect and admiration for our brethren who have worked hard, made the sacrifices and taken the risks to pursue their dreams. If you have walked this path, as we are now walking, then you understand.
      Our passion for craft beer gives us a sense of kinship to (and I’ll admit a certain envy of) Colorado’s independent brewers. As I’ve previously posted, I’m proud to be joining this community of businesses. Individually, we provide unique offerings to Parker and the surrounding area. Collectively, I believe the Country Meadow business community is only strengthened by broadening the options we provide.
      All the best to you!

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