We’ve completed the installation of virtually all interior equipment and furniture. The bar top is installed, the booths, tables and chairs are all now in place. The fire alarms, sprinklers, and CO2 systems are online and we’ve completed nearly all inspections with only a few items to address.

Our task list seems tiny compared to when we started. Having started on our own 1 yard line, we’re now lining up deep in the offensive zone and eyeing the goal line. We’re staying focused, and sticking to the game plan. Soon we’ll be putting some pints – I mean points – on the board.


2 Thoughts to “The Longest Yard”

  1. James Green

    Hey Reggie, do you still think you’ll be opening in September? Also, it doesn’t look like you have a Facebook page, will you be creating one? The space is looking really great. Thanks!

    1. Reggie

      Hi James,
      Getting through all the inspections and start-up tasks is taking a bit longer than expected. It will be October before we’re open.
      I’ll be setting up a Facebook page once I find the time.
      Thanks for peeking in the window. Glad you like it.

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