We’re Open Memorial Day from 1:00 – 8:00

We restocked, but not fully. This will take to the end of this week to get all the products inhouse. Please see our Menu and Beer List for current availability.

We’re operating under the approved Douglas County Variance which means we’re at reduced capacity, social distancing, group size limitations (max 6, 10 for families), no bar seating, and encourage outdoor seating on our patio (the forecast is for mostly sunny skies, but a bit cooler today). 

Feel free to call ahead to check seating availability or to make a reservation: 720.328.8568

We’ll be wearing face coverings and  you’ll see us wearing gloves or washing our hands and wiping down services (even more frequently than in the past),  as required by Public Health Order 20-28 and the Variance.

We apply the common-sense approach. If we have symptoms or are ill, we won’t come to the restaurant. We respectfully ask the same of our guests.